What is Lifewire Foundation Limited ("Lifewire")?
Lifewire Foundation Limited is founded by Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited Chairman Mr. Dominic Pang Yat Ting (Chairman of Asia Allied Infrastructure currently) & Deputy Chairman Mr. Derrick Pang Yat Bond (CEO of Asia Allied Infrastructure currently) in 2014. Lifewire is the first crowdfunding platform provider with independent operation in Hong Kong that specializes in helping children with medical needs by raising donations from the public. You can donate for a charitable cause, support charity fundraisers or be a fundraiser yourself by creating your own campaign to help those in need.
Does it cost anything to donate or raise funds on Lifewire?
In order to pay our bills and keep this  project going, Lifewire charges a flat rate of 4.5% on received donations and all credit card banks will also levy service charge from  donors. Everything else goes to funding the causes you care the most about.
My fundraiser has ended, how does the registered charitable organization receive the funds?
When you create a Cause, the registered charitable organization must give us a bank account for us to deposit the net proceeds in after the fundraising ends. Once the fund is set for clearing, we shall make the transfer to the designated bank account of the registered charitable organization.
Who can raise funds on Lifewire?
Registered charitable organizations can raise funds by creating causes on Lifewire. Individuals can also help by creating campaigns to rally for those causes.
How do I earn achievements?
As you participate in this community through donations, create campaigns, and interact with others, you can earn achievements on the way to recognize your hard work! The achievement is reflected in various rankings of a membership.
What is a Cause, and how do I create one?

What is a Cause, and how do I create one?

Only registered charitable organizations can create Causes. Causes are donation cases that are dedicated to children benefactors that require medical attention and treatments. Through these cases, the organizations can raise funding for the children’s treatments.
How does Lifewire protect the privacy of patients/benefactors?
All information of the patients/benefactors  you see on the website of Lifewire has been obtained prior consent from the patients/ benefactors  and also from the relevant endorsing registered charitable organization to release We take the privacy protection of the patients/benefactors  seriouslyand we will follow their decisions shall they wish to remain anonymous. That is why you may often see nickname of a child displayed in the cause.
What is a Campaign, and how do I create one?
Members of the public can help these causes out too! You can create your fundraising campaign on behalf of these children by challenging yourself and by accomplishing something remarkable. The proceeds will then go to the charitable organization to fund medical treatments finally.
My campaign has been completed, what do I do now?
Let your friends and family know about your efforts! You can post an update when you complete your personal challenge, and share the feat through your favorite social media. And don't forget to remind your friends or family to fulfill their promises - make a donation to the benefactors you did the campaign for.
How do I post updates on my current campaign?
As the owner of a campaign, you can edit its details or post updates anytime you want. Just log in and head over the  campaign page and click on [Edit].
Who gets funded on Lifewire?
Your donations will help the registered charitable organizations pay for medical treatments for children in need, or support community projects that are related to improvement of the wellbeing of children.
What if the funding goal is not reached?
The purpose of the funding, no matter big or small, is to help fund medical treatments for children. If the funding goal is not reached, we may either extend the donation period or adjust the target amount if the relevant registered charitable organization(s)  confirms they can use the donation on the same benefactor.
How do I know the campaign and the treatment of the child are successful?
Causes will be periodically updated throughout the fundraising period. When the fundraiser is completed, we encourage the owner of the campaign to let supporters know the result of the campaign and the treatment of the child by posting another update to wrap things up.
What if a patient/benefactor passes away?
In the event of such misfortune, the relevant endorsing charitable organization  will have discretion on how the funds will be used. Normally, the donation will be used to help another similar case.
Will my donation be tax-deductible?
Lifewire is a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong since June 2015 (ID: 91/14057). For donations amount of HK$100 or above are tax deductible in Hong Kong. Lifewire will issue receipts of donations to the relevant parties for tax deduction purpose.
How to obtain donation receipt?
To save costs, if you ask for a receipt, please fill in the Application form for donation receipt.
When will I get my receipt for my donation?
In order to save administrative resources, a donation receipt will be sent after the end of the financial year.
What payment options are there?
Our payment gateway currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay. We plan to incorporate more payment methods to our website in the short future, so stay tuned!
Is there a minimum donation amount?
The minimum amount on all donations is HK$30.
Can I make recurring donations?
Yes, you can! Please download and fill the monthly donation form, then email to or send to Lifewire by post.
Are my financial information secure?
Our payment gateway is supported by one of the most reputable banks in Asia. Your personal and financial information will be encrypted to protect your privacy and safety.
What is the relationship between Lifewire Foundation Limited and iHelp Limited?
iHelp Limited is the agency of Lifewire Foundation Limited. iHelp Limited will be responsible for all administrative and fund-raising activities of Lifewire Foundation Limited.
Other questions?
Lifewire Hotline : 3758 8701