Lifewire Campus Visit – Life Education Sharing Session

Four pillars of Life Education
-Know your Life
-Appreciate your Life
-Respect your Life
-Explore your Life
Through these 4 pillars, let students master its relevant values and beliefs: starting from understanding the amazing life, affirming its value by knowing your life; then accepting and appreciating the transformation of their own life, cherishing our life by appreciating your life; and learning to care and cherish others, respect life by respecting your life; and finally explore the destiny of our dreams, pursue our dreams and surpass oneself by exploring your life.

When we were young, we were full of doubts on life! Lifewire visits campus to share the life education stories, to share the stories of children who suffer from rare diseases, to share the life journey of these disabled children, their mental journey, their life challenges, and how they deal with their difficulties. We hope we could affect life with life.  We hope this could empower the students not to give up and face their challenges and difficulties bravely.  We hope students could be inspired and learn from these children with rare diseases, be aware of these life stories and could think through their life and find the answers for their challenges, for their life.

There are many students were inspired after they met with the children with rare diseases.  They even spoken to the disabled children of encouragement, conveyed love and promised to pay more attention to the needs of these patients on the street in the future. We hope these students will good use of what they have learned today and pass it on to those around them.

If you want to arrange the life education sharing session, please email

Or call Lifewire hotline at 37588701