Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Lifewire is always supported by enthusiastic members, donors, campaigners and volunteers by creating more than 40 campaigns over the past years, including listed companies, corporate, social welfare organizations, charities, independent individuals and the public. 
We hold large-scale fund-raising activities every year in order to keep in touch with long-term supporters and establish good relationships with other participants.
Participating in our CSR program, it can help the corporate pledge their commitment to contribute into the society and it has brought about meaningful social benefits to the shareholders, employees, communities and beneficiaries of the enterprise.
  • Contribute into the society and establish a caring social image.
  • Increase the opportunities to be awarded and enhance social recognition.
  • Unite employees and increase employee sentiment by organizing fundraising activities.
  • In the process of staff participation, they can play a leadership role and help company to promote its business.
  • Expand corporate network by participating in community affairs.
  • Time saving and convenience.